Blog 26 – Something I Forgot to Mention

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Rants, Funny & Other Articles
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Question mark liberal

Unlike usual, The EssWhyDee Blog has had a bit of traffic from web searches the last few days…
People have genuinely searched for the correct uses of “There”, “Their” and “They’re” and ended up on my blog reading my previous Why Bother? article, I feel quite sorry for them actually…

All they got was a sarcastic rant which would’ve just confused them more than before reading it. Unfortunately, I failed to realise that there are many different kinds of people in this world, some that may still be of young age and learning…and others who are just plain thick…

My sincere apologies…

Selfishly, I did not cater for those readers… I should have left a note or something explaining how they shouldn’t be reading my blog for educational purposes, but rather to get away from their own lives and escape into my world for a couple of minutes and see things through my eyes…

Okay, I admit, the sentence above was utter bollocks.

But anyway, now that I’ve gotten that off my shoulders, let’s move on…

A while ago, I wrote: Blog 16 – Opinions, an article I really wanted to write…

But there’s something I missed out in that article.

I forgot to mention that opinions are not facts. Sure, that may sound like such an obvious thing to say, but hear me out.

When somebody makes their opinions known publicly, you shouldn’t allow it to create a social stigma for yourself. Let it remain THEIR opinion. It isn’t a fact, and never will be.

You should do your own thing and not let other people’s views change your character.

For Example: Blogging isn’t particularly “cool” where I’m from and at my age… Buuuuut it is different, I love to write…and I don’t care what others think, because it is part of me. thinking it isn’t cool is an opinion, not a fact.

I think it’s cool…

Oh, that’s not an opinion by the way, it’s a fact… Mainly because I’m sitting in front of a desk fan breathing in the cool air

Gerrit? It’s ‘cool’… Hahahaha, how hilarious am I?!?! (Sarcasm)

Oh never mind.



Note: Oh yeah, you guys wanted that emotional article I have stored up in my drafts? Well give me a moment, because that will be the next thing I publish. Lookout for “Have you ever”, out soon! (In the next few days)

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