Over 2,000 Views!!!



Quick Post. Thank all of you.
While others celebrate being Freshly Pressed, I’m celebrating the fact that The EssWhyDee Blog has hit over 2,000 views in 2 and a half months, with exactly 20 blog posts.

This is what we work for!
So thanks to everyone that reads my blogs, and a bigger thanks to those who share it!!!

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8 thoughts on “Over 2,000 Views!!!

  1. Congrats Syd! You write a good blog and I hope you keep writing just so I can continue to enjoy it.

  2. Congrats and thanks for the like :).

  3. A big congrats on the views!!!

    I like how you have set things up on here 🙂

    (And an even bigger thank you for joining us on #k8chat last night! I hope you’ll stop by again!)


    • Thank you Very much, Kate!!!
      Haha thanks, doing a bit of writing The Kidnapping as well as a personal blog! Hope u enjoy and like it!!!, and sure…I’ll stop by at K8chat again!
      Thanks for the comment!!!

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