About Me + “EssWhyDee”

“Syd is an award-winning blogger at The EssWhyDee Blog” – Syd

Because… Why not?

Whether you’ve randomly stumbled upon this page or you’ve willingly clicked it, here’s a little bit about myself..

No, I won’t write in third person, that’d just be silly. Syd agrees.

Okay, so my real name is Shaahid, although I prefer you guys to refer to me as Syd.

So basically, Syd is an anagram of my first, middle and surname.

S.Y.D are my initials and also where the ‘EssWhyDee’ came from. Haha, see? clever ain’t I?


I’m just an ordinary guy on a gap year, with plenty of things to write about!

I’m a bad-ass blogger. That’s all you need to know.

But on a more serious note… I blog about everything and anything. I have no niche you see… I rant on here, I give my thoughts on here, I write my suspense/thriller eBook – The Kidnapping on here, I write poe-… Actually I dislike poems. Chances are, If you have poems on your blog, I won’t end up following you…Unless you’re a really good writer.

I write whatever comes to mind, with humour in mind (Yes I spell that with a “u”, I’m British) and guess what. I’m doing pretty well for myself in terms of views and followers and what-not.

Interact with me…Follow me on Twitter, Like me on Facebook, Add me on Google+, or whatever your inner-stalker desires.

I think you’ll enjoy the read. I put a lot of work into each and every article, and although I don’t blog every single day… I believe that quality beats quantity.


Oh, and I close off each post with…



There are numerous ways to get hold of me.

8 thoughts on “About Me + “EssWhyDee”

  1. Good luck with your blogging. I wish it had been invented when I was your age. Gawd, videos weren’t invented when I was your age! I’ll be following. With young adults of my own it’ll be lovely to get some insights. All the best.x

  2. Get ’em, Syd! Love your confidence and humor (No u for me, thanks. I’m a lazy American, and we use as few letters as possible.)

  3. Hi there Syd,
    I’m wishing you all the best with your blogging and in everything you do.

  4. Oh RATS! I made typo in my first comment … argghh! Being visually challenged can be so aggravating. Please change “Sud” to “Syd” in my comment above and please take no offence because I assure you that none was intended.

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